Monday, September 19, 2011

Recreational Hang-Out Area

As a recreational centre dedicated to act as a retreat for the residents and consumers potentially visiting it. This falls and rely on the concept of being an escape from the chaotic urban lifestyles that most, if not all, of us are facing. There is a natural landscape/terrain being adapted to be used in the recreational centre, right beside the commercial building. A park which consists of what any normal park would, but in the form of a river, where you can just relax right beside it. Play sports, sit and reflect, enjoy the view or socialise and bond with loved ones, just to be able to calm yourself down from stressful and pressuring activities like exams or job projects. This will be able to appeal to almost all ages, like teenagers that are still in school, or adults that are trying to earn a living.

Located in neighborhoods, it will be in the heart of the town where there is a very visible contrast between the laid-back and relaxed natural park with the rushed life all around it. Inside the shopping mall, there is varying outlets and shops ranging from fashion boutiques to an assortment of flavourful cuisines in Food Centres. This will appeal not only to all ages, but all interests, too. If you are tired, you can just relax and go back to the park to have a rest.

Hence, this will be a unique design as it is a fusion between nature and modern man-made creations. Combining stones with water and trees, with bricks and clay. This will definitely be a unique, and contrasting concept.

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